What are Psychic Love Readings?

Do you have any of the following questions about love? When will I meet my soul mate? How can I improve my relationship? Is this the right person for me? What is in the way of me finding love? RePsychic-San-Joseceiving Psychic Love Readings can help you obtain a peek at what your love life may transform and develop into. It can give you a real sense of the energies and people that are around you helping you to move in the direction you desire. Psychic love readings can also help heal past relationships bringing you to a place of peace with the ability to move on and welcome in new love.

I often use tarot cards to answer questions around love. Love tarot card readings can show things like what is influencing the relationship between you and your partner and where the relationship is headed. Tarot love readings will point out what is blocking your relationship from moving forward.

Using the love tarot card readings, I am able to decipher the details of your relationships so that you don’t have to worry so much about them. Like a psychic medium reading, it is a form of closure and alleviation from the stress of your social life. Tarot Love Readings can be useful for making the right decisions and bring inner healing to your spirit.



Now two Psychic Mediums are alike. They all bring their own gifts and flare to each reading. Some are intense, some are rational, and others can bring a great deal of entertainment to their readings. One things that is for sure, psychic mediums are who you consult with if you lost a loved one and need some closure.

What can a person expect from a medium?

This questions depends on the reader. What you can expect from my sessions are confirmation, discretion, love, and clarity. Confirmation is one of the most important things a medium can give in a psychic mediumship readings. Confirmation consist of giving detail about the person who passed away such as what they look like, what they passed away from, or any details that only the person being read would know. Anyone who is getting a reading should never give away too much information. Also, the reader should blow your socks off with details that they could not have possibly known.

Discretion is also very important. No reader should ever give out your personal information or talk about your time together with anyone without your permission. A good reader should also come from a place of love. You should never leave a reading feeling disempowered. If you do, that is not the right reader for you. Lastly, clarity is very important to get in a psychic mediumship readings. A good reader should always give you clarity around your loved on one the other side and also the things that are going on in your life.

Psychic Readings by PhoneI might also mention, not everyone on the other side can be reached at your beckon call. There have been several times when I was looking for a particular family member and they were unavailable. I do not in any way pretend I can reach someone if I can’t. There are many reasons as to why someone might be unavailable to speak to a psychic medium. Here is a list of the following reasons I have encountered.

  • The person just recently passed and is not yet strong enough to communicate.
  • The person has not fully crossed over and is stuck.
  • The person has reincarnated.
  • The person is busy doing something important at that moment.
  • The person is in the process of learning something on the other side.

When you get the opportunity to connect with a loved one who has passed away, they usually have wonderfully insightful messages. They will often talk about what they learned about their life. They will sometimes ask for forgiveness. They will also offer insight into your life. They are a great source of asking questions about different areas of your life and they are great at assisting when you need help.

For more information on getting a psychic mediumship readings please visit nadiashapiro.com

  • The person is busy doing something important at that moment.
  • The person is in the process of learning something on the other side.

When you get the opportunity to connect with a loved one who has passed away, they usually have wonderfully insightful messages. They will often talk about what they learned about their life. They will sometimes ask for forgiveness. They will also offer insight into your life. They are a great source of asking questions about different areas of your life and they are great at assisting when you need help.


Nadia Shapiro Publishes New Book that Helps People Discover How to Develop Psychic Abilities

San Jose, CA – November 20 2014: Noted professional psychic medium, healer, teacher, and author Nadia Shapiro has officially published her new book entitled “Discovering your Inner Psychic: The Four Pillars of Psychic Development.”

In her new book, Shapiro teaches how to experience a deep spiritual connection and how to develop psychic abilities. She believes that once people understand the four pillars of psychic development, they will be on the path towards awakening the truth. The book includes simple meditation exercises and impressive energy cleansing techniques. As readers begin to develop greater psychic awareness, they will strengthen their body-mind connection.

A recent reader of the book wrote; “Very well written book giving practical steps that are easily understood and work. I recommend this book to beginners and advanced students as well. The point is to help clear yourself to free up abilities and allow them to flow. This helps your life and those around you as well. Very well thought out book.”

Nadia Shapiro has used her profound psychic abilities to create this book in order to passionately help others transform their lives. “Discovering your Inner Psychic: The Four Pillars of Psychic Development” is currently available on Amazon. For more information about the book please visit the page directly here at nadiashapiro.com.

To schedule an interview with Nadia Shapiro, please contact her directly by email at nadia@nadiashapiro.com or by phone at 1-877-996-2342.

Media Contact: Nadia Shapiro

Phone Number: 877-996-2342

Email: nadia@nadiashapiro.com

What are Past Life Readings?

Past Life Readings are readings that dive into your past life, displaying what obstacles and issues you may be facing in your current life. This can be done in the form of hypnosis or by a past life reader. When you are looking to receive any past life readings, do so with someone who is a medium psychic or a psychic healer. Someone who is a medium psychic or a psychic healer and can help discern and translate what energies are holding you back in your current life. They will also be able to help you clear them from your path.

Love Tarot Card ReadingsIt is an introspective experience with the purpose of allowing you the freedom of self-awareness and self-improvement. The knowledge of knowing about your past life can free you from burdens or struggles you may have in your life now, permitting you to understand your origins in a way that allows for the development of a better and restful you. It also allows people to break free from any unhealthy patterns or negativity that may seem prevalent in the present and therefore is a healthy form of improving the mind and soul. Past Life readings can help you make better decisions about your present life by helping you come to terms with the details of your former days.

For more information on receiving your own past life reading visit nadiashapiro.com

How to Develop Psychic Abilities Involving the Five Senses

Experts say that each individual has some degree of psychic powers and intuition. In definition, intuition is that inner guidance or knowing system in which a person can express and communicate through a range of psychic powers or abilities. There are others who are strongly gifted with either one or some of these abilities. At some point, a person may have started listening to these intuitions. There may be others as well who would want to learn how to develop their psychic abilities. To those who are interested to learn more about these abilities and develop theirs, there is actually a long list of psychic abilities. But the most basic ones are those that involve the five senses, which are:

  1. Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing

It is described as inner seeing and is also known in many names, including psychic vision, psychic eye and third eye. It is the most known among the psychic abilities that involve the five senses. This ability is also the least understood among the intuitive gifts.

As a psychic ability, clairvoyance is like watching a movie inside one’s head. It is not like seeing dramatic visions or a glimpse of the future like those seen in the movies. It works rather subtly. For instance, a clairvoyant may just see a number, symbol or a color. The meaning of what is seen can either be easily understood or not. One thing to keep in mind about this ability is that its meaning is not always and should not be taken literally. Clairvoyants might be shown with full blown premonitions.

  1. Clairaudience – Clear Hearing

It is the psychic power to hear messages from a higher guidance. The messages can be heard in many ways, including through the mind making it a form of another psychic ability, telepathy and the ears. Individuals with this psychic power are able to hear events that are occurring in the physical world, at a long distance and even in non-physical dimensions. Clairaudience is that inner hearing, which may suddenly let you hear a little voice inside your head telling you to stop or go right – an intuition. For the highly sensitive individuals like a psychic medium, they can hear things that regular people cannot like spirit voices and sounds.

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  1. Clairsentience – Clear Feeling

This is one of the psychic powers that receive messages through emotions, physical sensations or feelings. Empathy is just one of the forms of this ability. It is this ability that lets you feel everything, for example when someone is angry or ecstatic. Clairsentience is the ability that easily lets you pick up on people’s moods. For people with this ability, they are able to easily determine when a person is lying since they can feel it.

  1. Clairalience – Clear Smelling

It is one of the psychic powers that allows individuals to smell things that are farther than the normal smell range. A good example of this is the common phenomenon of smelling something familiar like their perfume or a person who has already passed away.

  1. Clairgustance – Clear Tasting

It is one of the psychic powers that allows someone to taste something without putting anything inside your mouth. This extrasensory perception is at times experienced by psychic mediums whenever giving a reading. For instance, psychic mediums that are communicating with spirits may start developing that certain taste in the mouth like tasting chocolate cake if the spirit of the person they communicate with loves eating it.

This is the list of the most basic psychic abilities that a person may have. For more information on how to develop your psychic abilities check out Psychic Medium San Jose.